Students take pride in keeping the school grounds litter free.


Reading Fair Ambassadors break down "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" & " Charlottes Web"

Eighth grade, fourth grade mentorship
Leadership! Leadership! middle school honors aspiring women and leaders from the past and present

Field Trip

Attention sixth seventh eighth join us on this trip to the Self-Destruct~Breaking the cycle.


.Exhale! Exhale! Exhale!

Sixth Seventh and eighth  grade will exhale in spring scantron.

Words I know and Honor! By: Michael Jordan

I Honor the word integrity the word explains me as a helping hand my mother have . Told me a  dozen  times before that I have integrity for being such a generous person for helping out around the house or just in general  when someone use this word to define me I take it with  great honor of being a good person as to complying mothers wishes or requests.

I also have great honor for the word commitment because I have commitment myself to having and honor my commitments. This word is also special because committing something will take lots of responsibility to committing something and not breaking it such as being committed to being integrity has shown me you can still have fun while doing some thing positive.